Meet The Team

Our Office

Kerri, Director since 1991


I joined the family business in 1991 where I introduced a dedicated clothing area within the store which was a first for any bike shop in Scotland. All I can say is the last 25 years have flown past!

Since then I have taken on the role of purchasing of the accessories within the business and many of the office admin duties. It is still nice however when round at our shop to see many of our regular and loyal customers that I have dealt with over the 25 years.

Apart from that a full time mum to two teenage kids. Oh Oh! Hope to ride my bike a bit more this year especially round Millport where we love spending time.


David, Finance Manager since 2007


After working in banking for some time David had the opportunity to work at Dales Cycles on a permanent basis.

He started on a full time basis in 2007 after helping out on a part time ad hoc basis for a little while prior to this.

David loves bikes and tries to get out on his own during his spare time which he will admit is not often enough.

Having the opportunity to see all the new cycle models coming into the business and looking at the classic professional workmanship of established suppliers is one of the perks of the job. Occasionally having his hands dirty working on cycles is another big perk of the job.

David’s other hobby is car mechanics and he enjoys checking over the Dales Cycles vans and cars.

Dales workforce is young, good fun and highly knowledgeable and David feels this keeps his own outlook on life and work fresh and up to date.

Motto: Where did I leave my pen/glasses etc


Luke, Senior Sales since 2005


Hello, my name is Luke and I run the Dales Cycles Clothing Department.

I have been in the Bike Trade since 2002 and in that time I have seen many new and innovative products come to the industry.

I like to think that my experience has given me fairly decent product knowledge and an insight into what apparel is suited for each rider and their environment.


Krister, Web Sales since 1993


After 3 years cycle courier suffering I went to rediscover my love of bikes at Dales of Glasgow in 1993.

I have dipped my toe in almost every department of Dales Cycles (workshop was too hardcore!) but have settled in Website sales.

I'm still into Bikes, Techno and more recently Airsoft.


Gavin, Warehouse since 2012

Since joining Dales in 2012 Gavin has taken his experience from the sales floor and turned to organising our warehouse.



Dobbies Loan Store

Chris, General Manager since 1993


As I poured over the bike section of Littlewoods catalogue, there was that one bike that shone above all else, the purple to white fade of the 1989 Raleigh Mustang, it had me hooked, what a machine! I was all set to be the coolest kid on the block, I just had to remain a good boy for the remainder of the year.

Over my teenage years I upgraded from my dream machine and jumped from bike to bike finding it increasingly difficult knowing when to stop, a cycle retailers dream customer. To fund my addiction I landed myself a part time job in that big shop in town, Dales Cycles.

Almost receiving a P45 in the 1st couple of weeks I shrugged off my shyness, removed myself from the stockroom and hit the sales floor, an experience I absolutely loved after bagging my very first sale. Sometime later, eh, some twenty plus years later, I am still with the big bike shop in town as the General Manager.

Presently my cycling habits have changed somewhat with a ten mile blast around the Isle of Cumbrae more the norm. All is not lost! I can still show some of these young whippersnapper’s how to pull a proper wheelie.

Thank you Raleigh Mustang.


Jonathan, Senior Sales & Body Geometry Fit (Level 3) since 2006


I've been around bikes all my life, from recreational riding to touring led to racing on the road, time trials and track and a couple of seasons racing mountain bikes.

Now I just love to ride my many bikes. The open road is my passion and road machines my speciality in store.

I have developed our bike fitting service over 15 years and shared this skill and knowledge with our sales team and current lead fitter, John.

I work closely with our workshop team with custom builds and take great pride in matching man / woman with machine.

I look forward to meeting you in store.


Ian, Sales since 2017

I'm A life long fan of road cycling and grew up riding/racing steel bikes in the 80's. After a long time away from the bike industry and travelling with work I finally returned to road cycling in 2014. After a couple of years working with a large chain retailer I found my niche with Dales in 2017. Finally "the dream job" working with best brands and the experts to back it up! So much has changed with bike tech over the years but I love watching and learning as it develops and moves on and on!


Workshop Team

Jim, Mechanic since 1989


As part of the Houston family and left school and started working at Dales back in 1989.

The majority of my time is taken up in our busy workshop but also on the sales floor when things get very busy.

I am qualified in servicing suspension forks and shocks on all the major brands like Fox, Rockshox, Marzocchi and Suntour.

I have also been building wheels for over 25 years so if you pick the hub,rim and spokes I can build it to your specification.

I am also a Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS certified technician.

I can strip and rebuild any part of any bike or the FULL bike if needed. In short there is nothing that I won’t or can’t do!


Dougie, Mechanic since 2006


Mainly does repairs but also new bike when needed and just loves tech chat

Moto: Quality over quantity


James, Mechanic since 2016


My love of bikes and cycling goes back further than I can remember.

At the age of 15, I would spend hours toiling over my Diamond Back mountain bike, taking it apart and putting it back together again and again, making improvements and enhancements wherever I could. I could never get enough.

Nearly 12 years and a City & Guilds qualification later, I am eager for bikes and cycling to continue to be part of my life for many years to come.


Peter, Mechanic since 1996

28 years in the bike trade and 20 of those at Dales as of February 2016.

Over the years in the cycle trade I've been lucky enough to experience some ups and downs, the launch of some different styles and designs and the constant progression in technology, riding styles,customer styles.

I can remember a very small corner in Dales that used to be the mountain bike section where there was only about 6 bikes on show, how times have changed over the years!

The trade has changed quite dramatically over the years some good some not so good

On a personal basis I've been able to travel to America/Europe and learn different skills and have achieved some high level qualifications.....and forgotten more than I now know!

  • Shimano
  • Cyctec level 3
  • Cannondale tech
  • Rockshox....... to mention just a few