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Bike Fitting at Dales Cycles

Bike fitting is perhaps one of the most talked about subjects in the industry currently.

It is important to know that all bike fitting services are not the same, nor will result in the same outcome. Each fitting should be personally tailored to the individual, no 2 fittings should ever be the same.

You must consider the experience of the fitter, their understanding of not only the bike and its components but their understanding of the way in which the rider interacts with these components, to provide greater comfort, efficiency, endurance and enjoyment.

This experience is gathered through not just many hours of training, but through dealing with riders of all levels of experience, from complete beginners, experienced club riders through to international standard athletes, and all makes, models and machines across the range of cycling disciplines.

At Dales we are proud to have the longest established bike fitting service in the West of Scotland, having been at the forefront of fitting, way back in 2008 when we dedicated 20 square meters of floor to our bespoke Body Geometry fitting studio. Over the years our fit team have performed thousands of fittings, and continued training as new processes and techniques are discovered.

You should allow around 3 hours for your fitting to be completed following these basic steps.

  1. Pre Fit Assessment interview; a friendly chat about you, your experience, your machine, your goals. Examination and measurement of your existing bike, Physical examination of you to assess, your current condition and flexibility ranges and of course discuss pre existing and or current injuries or issues with your bike.
  2. Ride Analysis; setting you and your bike in motion on our static trainer, allows your fitter to assess your current position and efficiency, this can be done by very experienced human eye along with some specific tools, or by computerised eye, using our full RETUL equipped studio, the premier fitting experience.
  3. Adjustments and Product Selection; with the gathered information coming together, your fitter will make step by step adjustments to your bike and equipment as they see fit,( it is important to remember that we fit the bike to the rider, not the rider to the bike ) this may be cleat position, through to lever position. This may involve  moving exiting equipment, or perhaps replacing with more appropriate components, saddle width for example.
  4. Post fit Measure and discussion; when all adjustments are made, a full measure and record are made of the amended set up, with RETUL, a fully detailed record will be sent to you including video capture of your before and after positions.
  5. Follow up; after 4-6 weeks we invite you to return to the store for a follow up, your body will take time to adapt to the changes made, we want to be sure that everything is working out for you.




Body Geometry Fit Session - £150.00

Body Geometry with RETUL Technology £195.00 (Road Bike)

Body Geometry with RETUL Technology £250.00 (TT / Tri bike)

Pre Purchase Size Assessment £50.00 (Redeemable against purchase from Dales)

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